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Baseball/Softball Season has Begun

All TCYAA Leagues have been Assigned Teams with the exception of the Softball SWAT League.  If parents have signed up there children to play but have not been contacted by a Coach please e-mail someone within TCYAA to clear up the problem quickly.  Also if anyone has not turned in candy bar money please feel free to also e-mail someone within TCYAA to get your money in the system.




  • President- Jeff Hunter
  • Vice-president- Brian Ahart
  • Secretary- Carla Choate
  • Treasurer- Lori Cortner
  • Baseball Commissioner- Stephen Audas
  • Softball Commissioner- Sarah Wade
  • Sponsorship Coordinator- Scott Brown
  • Fundraising Coordinator- Jane Butts & Jennifer Wallace
  • Website Maintenance Coordinator – Jeff Thompson

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